Friday, September 07, 2012

TGIF!!! New Maybelline Purchases!!

Hello All:

Thank God its Friday!! Have been waiting for this day from tuesday :)

What are your plans for weekend? I really want to have a relaxing weekend!! Might go to beach on saturday but other than that no major plans.

 Here are my Maybelline purchases I made this week!

I was eyeing on their color tattoos from long time but couldnt get my hands on....finally I'm glad I did!!

I have done lot of research and thought 'Bad as Bold' is the best shade for my skin tone. If I like this I might consider to buy more.

This will be great one for everyday work wear :)

It is more like a Mac paint pot which I only own one.They are pretty expensive compared to these (around 17$ a pop). This one is 7.49$. So thats a big difference.

Since its buy one get one half, I bought one fit me blush in "Medium Mauve"

Sorry couldnt take pictures of swatches but this blush is not showing up on my skintone at all. Not only that it applies ashy :(

Anyways, I will  swatch both of  them in another post and by then I should be able to review too.

See you all in my next post!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Deal Alert - Zoya Nail polish!!

Hello Beauties:

How are you? Thank God Its Friday!!

Wanted to make a quick post to let you all know about a new Zoya deal!!!

Its BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)  upto 8 bottles.They also have free shipping wth 6 or more bottles.

More details of this offer are given in the below link.

Drawback with this deal is its for existing customers.But dont worry of you have not yet registered to their website, do it and they always have these deals coming.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! In Miami weather is going to suck anyway but good news is Isaac is not going to be a hurricane here anymore!


PS:  This deal is up to Aug29th.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sigma Brushes - Mr.Bunny Essential Kit!!!

Hello  Girlies:

How are you all? How is your week going on? We are moving to our new house, our first ever dream house : ) and  have been super busy with packing stuff and other last minute things!!

Today I would like to talk about Sigma brushes which I orders from their website recently!
Here are some pics of my Sigma Brushes from Mr.Bunny Collection.This is from one of the Beginners collection.It has both Face and Eye brushes. It was love at first sight but I'm going to review all the brushes after using them for a while.

BTW they are super super soft and feels like silk on skin!!

I will let pictures speak for now....

It came with a nice leather cover for brushes which transforms as a Brush Stand.
This is gift with Purchase, yet to try these shades.
Here is the Brush cover as a stand,Its sturdy and looking very pretty.
Eye Brushes!!
Face Brushes!!

Hope you enjoyed these pics, I will see you all in my next post!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This made my Day!!

Hello Beauties:

How are you all?

 Look whats in my mail yesterday :). I have been waiting for this and it finally arrived yesterday evening :)

Will post a reveal on this later today!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deal Alert - Walgreens!!!

Hi Girls:

This is a quick post to let you all know a deal at Walgreens this week.You can get EOS Shave cream for a $1 when you buy 2 of  them and Nivea lipbalms are 3 for $5 after rewards.Nivea lip balms are with SPF and any lipbalm with SPF are must for summer.

You get rewards which can be used for other purchases.

I went yesterday and got these. EOS is originally priced $4 and Nivea lipbalms are $3.47 each.

Please go and grab these girls before they run out.

take care!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Lush Haul!!

Hola Beautiful chicas,

Note: I will be adding code given to this post as I have submitted my blog to a website.They want me to publish this code, please ignore!code: HHB8429JMKAH

This post is about my recent Lush Haul I would like to share with you all!!!

Visiting Lush store was one of my unfulfilled dream (trust me seriously!) from longest time though it is just 20 miles away.
Finally I was able to visit that store this weekend. It wasn't as big as I imagined,But have loads of stuff!! Got few goodies and here they are... (I enlarged pic to see items clearly).

I must add Lush SA was very very helpful and nice. I wanted to see face masks for sure as I saw people raving about them.

I asked for the same and also told her what I'm looking for, gave some info about my skin.

For oily,sensitive,acne scarred skin,(yes my skin :() she recommended Lettuce and Cupcake face masks and she applied each one of them on both my hands to see which one I liked better.

I liked cupcake better and also thought that is more appropriate for my skin. Detailed review on this later!
Then I asked her to recommend for my husband who has dry skin.She said oatfix would be great for dry skin as it has some oils in it...

I also picked up Ocean salt which suppose to brighten skin. It did when she used on my I had to pick it up!!

I also wanted a lip scrub from them which I have used couple of times since then and its amaaaazing!!Its called Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

This Lip scrub is highly recommended as I have used some crappy ones before.

I also applied cupcake face mask and my skin felt sooooooooo smooth after that.

I would say The pro and con for face masks is they need to be used in 3 weeks and needs to be refrigerated!! that means on pro side we know they dont have any preservatives....huge Plus!!!

My first visit to Lush store has been a good experience,loved the products,ambience and most importantly care for customer's needs by SA's.Hoping to go again!!

So this is my Lush story....hope you enjoyed it :)

More detailed reviews on these products will be in my upcoming posts!!

Have you been to Lust store? What are your favorite products?

 It was raining cats n dogs in Miami and couldn't get much of an activity outdoor!! How was your weekend?


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Review: Smith's Rose Bud Lip Balm !!

Hello Beauties:

How are you all girlies?

I'm going to talk about Rosebud lip balm which I recently got from Sephora! I have read about this in couple of magazines of how good it is and I really wanted to try.

So there I went to Sephora with a determination to pick this one up!!

0.8oz of Product

It feels really good on lips when applied and doesn't feel greasy at all unlike most of the lip balms.

See I already made a small dent in it :), shows how much I love this product.

  Looks like this.. Has a slight rose tint to it but doesn't appear when applied on lips.

 Coming to Pros and Cons....

  1. Feels good and applies smoothly on lips.It doesn't have that greasy texture which some lip balms has.
  2. Cures chapped lips.
  3. You get lot of product in that tin.
  4. Can be used on your elbows and any dry area of your skin.(Though I just use it only on my lips)
  5.  Doesn't have to keep reapplying.Once applied stays for a while.
1.      No SPF
2.      Comes in a tin so you can’t use it on the go. Must use it with clean hands.
But the Pros of this product nullify all the cons :) This has become part of my nightly regimen.
Will I repurchase this?
Definitely may be not the same flavor, I really want to try original in this.

In the past, I have tried some finest lip balms like Jack Black and Sugar lip balms which almost has similar feel to it.But they are pricey for the quantity.

In short I would say this is the best lip balm I came across for the price.
I'm really looking forward to try Maybelline Babylips, have seen some great reviews about them.

I'm still looking for one with SPF for daily use. Do you have any recommendations?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zoya Summer Nail Polishes!!!

Hi Beauties:

How are you all?  As title suggests,I got some new polishes and haven't got a chance to feature them on my blog.

As you all by now know I'm a huge nail polish Junkie and a big fan of Zoya Nail Polishes, especially their promos :) . Incase if you want to check them out,they post their promos on their Facebook page!!
I'm here to show my recent nail polish purchases from Zoya!! These are from Beach and Surf Collection.

I bought these babies when Zoya was running a promotion on their website,they were giving three nail polishes for $15 plus free shipping. 
1. Zuzu - This was a love at first sight.This is kind of green with silver undertones and very shiny!! has very small silver glitter in it but not too glittery,on the whole looks very very beautiful!!

2. Arizona - Milky Tangerine color, very summery. I'm kinda disappointed with this color.Its not what I thought it would be...its more milky and less tangerine than I thought,Neverthless a beautiful color.
3. Wednesday - This is again bluish green,creamy ,again a cool summer nail polish.very beautiful!!

Here is the collage of all the snaps together for fun :)... Zoya mania...hehe
Hope the swatches are helpful!!

Have you purchased any new summer polishes recently? Do you have any recommendations? I would love to try on :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day!!

Hi Everyone:

Hope all is well with you all!! Happy Fathers Day!!!!

This post is dedicated to my dearest Dad who I Idolize. He is a wonderful person by heart and I completely owe it to my parents of whatever I'm today :) 'm almost done with my little speech here :)

As I live in another country, Miss him so much and here I'm sending my virtual love!

Daddy! You are the greatest,sweetest person I know,You are always there when I need you! love you sooo much!!!

How is your Father's Day going on? Did you gift him any?

will be back with my next post!


Thursday, June 07, 2012

NOTD !!!

Hello Everyone:

Hope you all are rocking!!!Sorry for not being able to blog for a long long time.Here I'm dusting my blog after so many months :(...

I was changing jobs and still going busy but not going to promise about having regular posts
either:(, will definetly try being regular and would love to but there is lot going on in my personal life.

I love blogging dearly but sometimes things going on in real life will take precedence and I have fallen into that vicious circle.

Not that I have been busy all the time but just been LAZYYYYYYYYYYY and not organized , oh god how I wish not being lazy!!!

But one thing I was not lazy about... keeping up with your updates :)

Ok enough of rambling, here is my NOTD.couldnt resist posting after seeing my nails today.

This is Essie Aruba Blue,beautifullllllllll Electric blue color which would suit any skin tone.Words fell short to describe this!!!  Love it :),leaving it to you guys to decide how it is.

BTW heard that this was worn in 'The Devil Wears Prada' by Emily Blunt,how cool is that!!!

Enjoy pics!!

Let me know what you think about it!