Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Review: Clarins Multi- Active Night Youth Recovery Cream!

Hello Ladies:

How you been? This post is to rave about Clarins Night Cream that I have been using for  past 3months and  'm all set to review this baby.

This is how it looks...
What it Claims:
This info was picked up from their website. I don't have insert and the package box anymore :(
"Think of it as 8 hours of sleep in a jar. Clarins’ intensive, anti-stress treatment works the nightshift, when skin is most receptive to renewal. Complements the benefits of Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream, Cream-Gel or Lotion — helping restore natural tone, elasticity and radiance for a more youthful appearance by morning. Use each night after Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum".

My take on it: First and foremost love the way it smells. It has a nice flowery(jasmine???) scent to it and revel every time I apply.

I went to clarins store few months back and asked SA to recommend me a night cream. She straight away went and got this product for me.They have different ones for more matured skin.

Clarins store had some discount going on and I got this for $48.00(originally priced $58).

I got this baby home and was pretty excited to use it from the beginning(fyi... I loveeeeeee skin care products).

It applies little greasy but disappears into your skin as soon as you work on it. It gives the skin a well moisturized feeling which makes you feel that you are taking good care of your skin :).

From the day I started applying this, I have observed my face immediately after I wake up and it looks so fresh,moisturized and I seriously like how my skin feels :)...silky,smooth!!

Overall I would definitely recommend this product, I'm not sure if it has reduced any fine lines or not but it is definitely helping my skin.

I'm getting fewer pimples(could be some other reason too) touch wood!, my skin feels good and looks better than before....

I give some credit to this though I'm trying different things (face packs, diet etc..).

I'm also using Clarins brightener exfoliater in the morning which is also a wonderful product. I will review that some other time.

I liked both of Clarins products I bought and would definitely look for more from this brand. As I mentioned before what I discovered from Clarins is least it does is it might not work for you but will never damage your skin.

I just bought a backup for this from Sephora as its having VIB Sale...yayyyyyy!!!so you can imagine how much I like this product :).

Hope this review is helpful. Leave me comments if you want to know more about this product and also let me know if you have any recommendations of any Clarins products.

On the other hand do you like Sex and the City? I was watching movie part1 yesterday and as usual glued to although watched numerous times.....love those girls :)

Have a nice day!