Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zoya Summer Nail Polishes!!!

Hi Beauties:

How are you all?  As title suggests,I got some new polishes and haven't got a chance to feature them on my blog.

As you all by now know I'm a huge nail polish Junkie and a big fan of Zoya Nail Polishes, especially their promos :) . Incase if you want to check them out,they post their promos on their Facebook page!!
I'm here to show my recent nail polish purchases from Zoya!! These are from Beach and Surf Collection.

I bought these babies when Zoya was running a promotion on their website,they were giving three nail polishes for $15 plus free shipping. 
1. Zuzu - This was a love at first sight.This is kind of green with silver undertones and very shiny!! has very small silver glitter in it but not too glittery,on the whole looks very very beautiful!!

2. Arizona - Milky Tangerine color, very summery. I'm kinda disappointed with this color.Its not what I thought it would be...its more milky and less tangerine than I thought,Neverthless a beautiful color.
3. Wednesday - This is again bluish green,creamy ,again a cool summer nail polish.very beautiful!!

Here is the collage of all the snaps together for fun :)... Zoya mania...hehe
Hope the swatches are helpful!!

Have you purchased any new summer polishes recently? Do you have any recommendations? I would love to try on :)


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