Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Review: Smith's Rose Bud Lip Balm !!

Hello Beauties:

How are you all girlies?

I'm going to talk about Rosebud lip balm which I recently got from Sephora! I have read about this in couple of magazines of how good it is and I really wanted to try.

So there I went to Sephora with a determination to pick this one up!!

0.8oz of Product

It feels really good on lips when applied and doesn't feel greasy at all unlike most of the lip balms.

See I already made a small dent in it :), shows how much I love this product.

  Looks like this.. Has a slight rose tint to it but doesn't appear when applied on lips.

 Coming to Pros and Cons....

  1. Feels good and applies smoothly on lips.It doesn't have that greasy texture which some lip balms has.
  2. Cures chapped lips.
  3. You get lot of product in that tin.
  4. Can be used on your elbows and any dry area of your skin.(Though I just use it only on my lips)
  5.  Doesn't have to keep reapplying.Once applied stays for a while.
1.      No SPF
2.      Comes in a tin so you can’t use it on the go. Must use it with clean hands.
But the Pros of this product nullify all the cons :) This has become part of my nightly regimen.
Will I repurchase this?
Definitely may be not the same flavor, I really want to try original in this.

In the past, I have tried some finest lip balms like Jack Black and Sugar lip balms which almost has similar feel to it.But they are pricey for the quantity.

In short I would say this is the best lip balm I came across for the price.
I'm really looking forward to try Maybelline Babylips, have seen some great reviews about them.

I'm still looking for one with SPF for daily use. Do you have any recommendations?

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