Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sigma Brushes - Mr.Bunny Essential Kit!!!

Hello  Girlies:

How are you all? How is your week going on? We are moving to our new house, our first ever dream house : ) and  have been super busy with packing stuff and other last minute things!!

Today I would like to talk about Sigma brushes which I orders from their website recently!
Here are some pics of my Sigma Brushes from Mr.Bunny Collection.This is from one of the Beginners collection.It has both Face and Eye brushes. It was love at first sight but I'm going to review all the brushes after using them for a while.

BTW they are super super soft and feels like silk on skin!!

I will let pictures speak for now....

It came with a nice leather cover for brushes which transforms as a Brush Stand.
This is gift with Purchase, yet to try these shades.
Here is the Brush cover as a stand,Its sturdy and looking very pretty.
Eye Brushes!!
Face Brushes!!

Hope you enjoyed these pics, I will see you all in my next post!!

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