Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Review: Clarins Multi- Active Night Youth Recovery Cream!

Hello Ladies:

How you been? This post is to rave about Clarins Night Cream that I have been using for  past 3months and  'm all set to review this baby.

This is how it looks...
What it Claims:
This info was picked up from their website. I don't have insert and the package box anymore :(
"Think of it as 8 hours of sleep in a jar. Clarins’ intensive, anti-stress treatment works the nightshift, when skin is most receptive to renewal. Complements the benefits of Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream, Cream-Gel or Lotion — helping restore natural tone, elasticity and radiance for a more youthful appearance by morning. Use each night after Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum".

My take on it: First and foremost love the way it smells. It has a nice flowery(jasmine???) scent to it and revel every time I apply.

I went to clarins store few months back and asked SA to recommend me a night cream. She straight away went and got this product for me.They have different ones for more matured skin.

Clarins store had some discount going on and I got this for $48.00(originally priced $58).

I got this baby home and was pretty excited to use it from the beginning(fyi... I loveeeeeee skin care products).

It applies little greasy but disappears into your skin as soon as you work on it. It gives the skin a well moisturized feeling which makes you feel that you are taking good care of your skin :).

From the day I started applying this, I have observed my face immediately after I wake up and it looks so fresh,moisturized and I seriously like how my skin feels :)...silky,smooth!!

Overall I would definitely recommend this product, I'm not sure if it has reduced any fine lines or not but it is definitely helping my skin.

I'm getting fewer pimples(could be some other reason too) touch wood!, my skin feels good and looks better than before....

I give some credit to this though I'm trying different things (face packs, diet etc..).

I'm also using Clarins brightener exfoliater in the morning which is also a wonderful product. I will review that some other time.

I liked both of Clarins products I bought and would definitely look for more from this brand. As I mentioned before what I discovered from Clarins is least it does is it might not work for you but will never damage your skin.

I just bought a backup for this from Sephora as its having VIB Sale...yayyyyyy!!!so you can imagine how much I like this product :).

Hope this review is helpful. Leave me comments if you want to know more about this product and also let me know if you have any recommendations of any Clarins products.

On the other hand do you like Sex and the City? I was watching movie part1 yesterday and as usual glued to although watched numerous times.....love those girls :)

Have a nice day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wish List!!!

Hello Everyone!!
It’s that time of the year, festive season, celebrations, holidays, good food, and of course our favorite shopping timeeee......

After seeing Indianbeauties's post on 'Christmas wishlist', I thought of doing mine too.
I bought very few for Thanksgiving as I was traveling and was spending time with family.

1. Good Pair of Jeans: 
Would like to buy a good pair of Jeans. believe it or not, I don’t have a proper fitting jeans till now. tried different brands and I always have some issues with everything.
This time after thorough research I would like to try from one of these brands.
- True Religion
- J brand
- Rock and Republic.
2. Wallet:
My Wallet sucks big time and I feel like hiding under table every time I take it out from my bag.

 Still searching for a good wallet, just a regular one nothing like fancy(loved Balenciaga wallets). Let me know what you guys carry or like, I will check it out. I’m totally confused after seeing so many online.

3. Mac Makeup:
This has been long due and my Mac shopping has been procrastinated from long time.

My list goes like this:
- Paint pots - I have watched lots of you tube videos on paint pots and really liked them. Never tried, should get my hands on….

 - Orange Corrector - You know what I'm talking about, yes I have terrible dark circles. Need lots of weapons to cover those.

- Brushes - I absolutely don’t have any brushes with me except Mac eye shadow brush. I want to get Mac 187 stippling brush. Lot of youtubers raved about it.

- Lippies - How can a makeup haul end without having lip products.

 I need more than this but let me stop here :)

4. Boots:
 As its winter, I'm looking for a pair of nice boots and this would be my first boots ever...totally excited!! Been to DSW (my fav shoe place) this weekend but ended up buying something else.

So this is my list, Let’s see how kind Santa is with me this time :)

On the other note have you guys listen to 'Ladies vs Ricky Bahl' - Thug le song? Its awesome!!

Please do share your list too....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forever21,Body Shop,Clarins Haul!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

 Here is my haul post asI promised earlier ...sit back relax and watch the show...haha

This time I tried my best to follow rules and get seasonal in my collection.Not being overboard but to an extent so that it fits into my work and personal life.

This post is not to boast and showoff of what I bought but to share my happiness with everyone.No negative comments please....

Let me start with Forever21:

Bow tie...cute:)

 Have you observed, peter-pan collar with polka dots.There were so many of these in different designs(plain, diff colors etc) in F21 close to my place....love it!!
I have added picture of me wearing it.

Some regular T Shirts(nothing to do with seasonal fashion):
I liked that way they both looked on me and price was unbeatable.

Some Accessories:

Down side of yellow bracelet is, its not easy to take it out once worn.I wore this 2 days back and wanted take it off  EOD but I couldn't.Anyways it looks cute so no worries....

Body Shop:
I was in this store to check their Eyebrow and Lash gel.I wasn't sure how it works so thought of giving it sometime to think before I buy. Its not very cheap too ($15) so I'm gonna wait.
So while I was there, I checked some body butters and Body lotions.I just fell in love with Moroccan Rose scent and was wondering if I have to splurge $18 on tub.Suddenly I found a deal pack which included,Moroccan rose,Shower Gel,Body exfoliater Gloves and a loofah, all for $8.

thought this is a great deal for that price and I have never tried those gloves too.

I also bought this shimmer body lotion, tempted after watching indianbeautie video.
You can slather this lotion on your arms and legs especially when you wear something short....shiny and sexy look...haha!!

Last but not least Clarins:
I bought a Clarins night time cream and an Exfoliater.
This is my first time trying these products and I loveeeeeeeeeeed them.

Night cream has nice scent to it and applies very well.I'm religiously applying every night(hope I continue to do it) and My skin is definitely feeling better.My skin is looking so fresh and glowy in the morning.
Exfoliater has small beads and gentle.After washing my face, it really brightens and my skin feels so good.For now these two are being very good to my skin.
Nevertheless I stocked up on these as they were selling them for $10 here.
I found out least that could happen with these clarins products is It might not work but definitely doesn't damage your skin.

I also bought a summery evening dress in Macys.

I will review Clarins Products after few days so that I will have better idea of how it is working or if its working at all or not :)

Hope you liked my haul and post!

For now Sayonara!!!!

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whatzz Instyle – Fall 2011 Fashion Trends!!!

Hi Folks:

Hope all are doing good.

I'm planning to start a topic which appears in my blog beginning of every season.
It’s called "Whatzz In-style?" This post includes Fashion trends that are up for that season.

That includes trends in Clothing, Accessories, Shoes!!!!

There are lot more things that could be added to this list like makeup, Nail Polishes and hair styles.

I will add these as and when I get updated. But You will definitely see the above listed for all seasons.
So as Fall is just around the corner(two days away officially),thinking what would lift up our mood. You are right....Fall 2011 Fashion trends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did some research on Internet and subbed to few magazines to find out what is on the runway this Fall.
So Let’s talk fashion :)

My take on this fall:

It’s all going back to 70's and 80's. Peter Pan collars are back!!!!!...can you believe it???

Blouses and Tops made of sheer chiffon material with peter pan collars is what I'm seeing a lot this fall. These collars are also making their appearance on casual one piece dresses and also on evening dresses.

Polka dots: One more style I have observed a lot this season. Shirts, Blouses, Skirts and just plain tops with different sizes of polka dots on it. Even though it’s not something new to us, I'm happy to see them back in the stores.
After all they look great don't they??

 Bow Ties: Blouses, tops with bow tie is all over the place this season. Could be polka dots print in the background or just plain light colored chiffon material with Bow Ties.

Pants: Flared, Bootleg bottoms with high waists. Just opposite to what we had last season (leggings and tights).

All the above mentioned blouses and tops looks great on these pants.

It’s the same story with accessories. Friendship bands are back...yayy!!!!!.We can wear them now not being in teens :) But I see a change in the style of wearing them.

Piling them with bunch of random bracelets in different colors and metal bracelets is the way to go now. Overall that gives an amazing look.

They look great with any outfit either with office wear or casual wear as it doesn’t look overdone.(I did wear them to work and they looked fab).

Boots,Boots, Boots with sturdy heels is the style.Its pretty much same style for shoes every fall as it starts being cold.What else could make us feel comfy other than boots.

Here are some styles in fall  collected from different Magazines to give you a better idea.  Will also provide links below for reference.

What do you guys think? Are you loving these styles? Have you observed anything different?
Let me know about  your purchases too :).

Hope this post helps next time when you hit stores!!

My next Post will be my Haul...Yay!!! Until then Sayonara :)
 Have a Nice Day!



Sunday, September 18, 2011

CVS Nail Polish Haul

Hi Beautee's,
How are you guys?

I went to CVS yesterday and had a mini haul thought I will make a quick post of it!!!!
It is all about nails!!

Sally Hansen Nail art pens and some Sally Hansen Nail polishes.

My take on them:

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen: If I have to say in one phrase, its complete WASTE Of Money.
Seriously color from these pens either doesn't come out well or will have a leakage.
They really look cute and that is the reason I picked them up but they suck big time.

rest of the colors, i will swatch them very soon. InstaDri line from sally hansen is wonderful.Have lots of variety of colors to choose from :) and they seriously dry out quickly than any other nail polish.

Unfortunately Yellow did not turn out well on my nails, little runny but that color didnt suit my skintone,sob! sob!!
but both blues looked wonderful and I'm gonna rock those!!

Only problem I have with them is brush.You have to really be careful with the application as the brush is tad bit big, may be for my short nails, but it is...

Overall I'm going to purchase more of InstaDri in future looking at the wider range collection they have. But a BIG No for nail art pens.

thats all  for now, Have a nice day girlies!!!

Zoya Nail Polishes - Yum!!!!

I have few Zoya Nail polishes which I would like to talk about. These polishes are what I picked up from their website. They belong to different collections!

I know I'm late in reviewing these but hope this helps someone :)

Let me post some pics and talk about them:


Same Polishes as above with names on it

Intimate Collection Colors in the background

Stacy: I absolutely love Stacy, its a cream maroon hue shade and wears beautiful on nails.

Tiffany: It is kind of orangy glitter shade, good for Summer.It wasn't great on my nails.But I liked it in summer as whenever I go out in Sun,my nails were all shining :).

Zara: This is beautiful color which is lavender with gold glitter in it. Man it is subtle and looks great on almost any skin tone.

In the background you can see intimate collection nail swatches.That were sent to me with the order.If you have observed Zara is one of them :)

Overall Zoya is a wonderful brand with wide range of selection. I find something interesting every season from their collection.Their staying power on me is about 4-5 days which I think is good as I do some cooking and stuff. So I would rate them high in that.

I will be adding my nail swatches too in my next posts, and yeah forgot I have 2 more nail polishes that I need to post about. I don't have pics ready, would be doing it in my next post.

Zoya products have good quality and I also want to try out their Hot lips Lip glosses.

OK let me post some more pics of Zoya nail polishes I have.
L-R Rica,Apple,Areej,Faye

 I like all the nail polishes that I bought.I got them after lot of debating with others and I'm happy with my selection. I got this when Zoya was running a promotion (BOGO I think!!)
L-R  Areej,Faye,Rica,Breezi

 Most of them are glitter polishes and are very good for Summer wear.Out of all these I love Breezi, Its  a creamy polish and looks beautiful on my nails.
Areej and Breezi are creamy polishes and Apple,Rica,Faye are glitter polishes.

Pic with Names

Sunshine & Summer Collection

Breezi Swatch
Rica on my toes

I will definitely post some swatches very soon!

All said and done only drawback I see with Zoya is shipping charges($6.99). It kills me every time I like something and want to order. I feel instead of spending so much on shipping I would rather buy something else locally.
Its better to place a big order at once instead of getting one or two :)

Hope this review helps someone!

Have a Nice day!

I'm back!

Hello All :)

I didnt want to neglect my blog but I was in a different world all these days, I wouldn't exactly say I was busy but was doing different things other than blogging :)

From now on I want to get on to it and be active. Seriously I always loved blogging but for some weird reason I took a break.

Anyways past is past, stay tuned and keep an eye on this space :))

Have a Nice Day!