Monday, July 09, 2012

Lush Haul!!

Hola Beautiful chicas,

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This post is about my recent Lush Haul I would like to share with you all!!!

Visiting Lush store was one of my unfulfilled dream (trust me seriously!) from longest time though it is just 20 miles away.
Finally I was able to visit that store this weekend. It wasn't as big as I imagined,But have loads of stuff!! Got few goodies and here they are... (I enlarged pic to see items clearly).

I must add Lush SA was very very helpful and nice. I wanted to see face masks for sure as I saw people raving about them.

I asked for the same and also told her what I'm looking for, gave some info about my skin.

For oily,sensitive,acne scarred skin,(yes my skin :() she recommended Lettuce and Cupcake face masks and she applied each one of them on both my hands to see which one I liked better.

I liked cupcake better and also thought that is more appropriate for my skin. Detailed review on this later!
Then I asked her to recommend for my husband who has dry skin.She said oatfix would be great for dry skin as it has some oils in it...

I also picked up Ocean salt which suppose to brighten skin. It did when she used on my I had to pick it up!!

I also wanted a lip scrub from them which I have used couple of times since then and its amaaaazing!!Its called Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

This Lip scrub is highly recommended as I have used some crappy ones before.

I also applied cupcake face mask and my skin felt sooooooooo smooth after that.

I would say The pro and con for face masks is they need to be used in 3 weeks and needs to be refrigerated!! that means on pro side we know they dont have any preservatives....huge Plus!!!

My first visit to Lush store has been a good experience,loved the products,ambience and most importantly care for customer's needs by SA's.Hoping to go again!!

So this is my Lush story....hope you enjoyed it :)

More detailed reviews on these products will be in my upcoming posts!!

Have you been to Lust store? What are your favorite products?

 It was raining cats n dogs in Miami and couldn't get much of an activity outdoor!! How was your weekend?


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