Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forever21,Body Shop,Clarins Haul!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

 Here is my haul post asI promised earlier ...sit back relax and watch the show...haha

This time I tried my best to follow rules and get seasonal in my collection.Not being overboard but to an extent so that it fits into my work and personal life.

This post is not to boast and showoff of what I bought but to share my happiness with everyone.No negative comments please....

Let me start with Forever21:

Bow tie...cute:)

 Have you observed, peter-pan collar with polka dots.There were so many of these in different designs(plain, diff colors etc) in F21 close to my it!!
I have added picture of me wearing it.

Some regular T Shirts(nothing to do with seasonal fashion):
I liked that way they both looked on me and price was unbeatable.

Some Accessories:

Down side of yellow bracelet is, its not easy to take it out once worn.I wore this 2 days back and wanted take it off  EOD but I couldn't.Anyways it looks cute so no worries....

Body Shop:
I was in this store to check their Eyebrow and Lash gel.I wasn't sure how it works so thought of giving it sometime to think before I buy. Its not very cheap too ($15) so I'm gonna wait.
So while I was there, I checked some body butters and Body lotions.I just fell in love with Moroccan Rose scent and was wondering if I have to splurge $18 on tub.Suddenly I found a deal pack which included,Moroccan rose,Shower Gel,Body exfoliater Gloves and a loofah, all for $8.

thought this is a great deal for that price and I have never tried those gloves too.

I also bought this shimmer body lotion, tempted after watching indianbeautie video.
You can slather this lotion on your arms and legs especially when you wear something short....shiny and sexy look...haha!!

Last but not least Clarins:
I bought a Clarins night time cream and an Exfoliater.
This is my first time trying these products and I loveeeeeeeeeeed them.

Night cream has nice scent to it and applies very well.I'm religiously applying every night(hope I continue to do it) and My skin is definitely feeling better.My skin is looking so fresh and glowy in the morning.
Exfoliater has small beads and gentle.After washing my face, it really brightens and my skin feels so good.For now these two are being very good to my skin.
Nevertheless I stocked up on these as they were selling them for $10 here.
I found out least that could happen with these clarins products is It might not work but definitely doesn't damage your skin.

I also bought a summery evening dress in Macys.

I will review Clarins Products after few days so that I will have better idea of how it is working or if its working at all or not :)

Hope you liked my haul and post!

For now Sayonara!!!!

Have a nice day!


Srividya Balaji said...

Hey loved ur haul. Would u be kind enough to follow my blog www.poornasthree. I am a housewife with a beauty blog too. by the way I loved ur brown polka dotted dress..

Aurkeed said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving comment!!
I will definitely visit your blog :)