Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zoya Nail Polishes - Yum!!!!

I have few Zoya Nail polishes which I would like to talk about. These polishes are what I picked up from their website. They belong to different collections!

I know I'm late in reviewing these but hope this helps someone :)

Let me post some pics and talk about them:


Same Polishes as above with names on it

Intimate Collection Colors in the background

Stacy: I absolutely love Stacy, its a cream maroon hue shade and wears beautiful on nails.

Tiffany: It is kind of orangy glitter shade, good for Summer.It wasn't great on my nails.But I liked it in summer as whenever I go out in Sun,my nails were all shining :).

Zara: This is beautiful color which is lavender with gold glitter in it. Man it is subtle and looks great on almost any skin tone.

In the background you can see intimate collection nail swatches.That were sent to me with the order.If you have observed Zara is one of them :)

Overall Zoya is a wonderful brand with wide range of selection. I find something interesting every season from their collection.Their staying power on me is about 4-5 days which I think is good as I do some cooking and stuff. So I would rate them high in that.

I will be adding my nail swatches too in my next posts, and yeah forgot I have 2 more nail polishes that I need to post about. I don't have pics ready, would be doing it in my next post.

Zoya products have good quality and I also want to try out their Hot lips Lip glosses.

OK let me post some more pics of Zoya nail polishes I have.
L-R Rica,Apple,Areej,Faye

 I like all the nail polishes that I bought.I got them after lot of debating with others and I'm happy with my selection. I got this when Zoya was running a promotion (BOGO I think!!)
L-R  Areej,Faye,Rica,Breezi

 Most of them are glitter polishes and are very good for Summer wear.Out of all these I love Breezi, Its  a creamy polish and looks beautiful on my nails.
Areej and Breezi are creamy polishes and Apple,Rica,Faye are glitter polishes.

Pic with Names

Sunshine & Summer Collection

Breezi Swatch
Rica on my toes

I will definitely post some swatches very soon!

All said and done only drawback I see with Zoya is shipping charges($6.99). It kills me every time I like something and want to order. I feel instead of spending so much on shipping I would rather buy something else locally.
Its better to place a big order at once instead of getting one or two :)

Hope this review helps someone!

Have a Nice day!


LG said...

you have created curiosity in this nail color now.. I gotta try it. The shades looks bright and sparkly something I like. Do they stay long?

Aurkeed said...

hey Lav, good to see you here :)

These polishes are really fab and they have loads of shades on their website. Check them out on 'm sure you will love it.

They would stay for 4-5 days without chipping but when worn with base and top coat HTH, see you around :)