Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whatzz Instyle – Fall 2011 Fashion Trends!!!

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I'm planning to start a topic which appears in my blog beginning of every season.
It’s called "Whatzz In-style?" This post includes Fashion trends that are up for that season.

That includes trends in Clothing, Accessories, Shoes!!!!

There are lot more things that could be added to this list like makeup, Nail Polishes and hair styles.

I will add these as and when I get updated. But You will definitely see the above listed for all seasons.
So as Fall is just around the corner(two days away officially),thinking what would lift up our mood. You are right....Fall 2011 Fashion trends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did some research on Internet and subbed to few magazines to find out what is on the runway this Fall.
So Let’s talk fashion :)

My take on this fall:

It’s all going back to 70's and 80's. Peter Pan collars are back!!!!!...can you believe it???

Blouses and Tops made of sheer chiffon material with peter pan collars is what I'm seeing a lot this fall. These collars are also making their appearance on casual one piece dresses and also on evening dresses.

Polka dots: One more style I have observed a lot this season. Shirts, Blouses, Skirts and just plain tops with different sizes of polka dots on it. Even though it’s not something new to us, I'm happy to see them back in the stores.
After all they look great don't they??

 Bow Ties: Blouses, tops with bow tie is all over the place this season. Could be polka dots print in the background or just plain light colored chiffon material with Bow Ties.

Pants: Flared, Bootleg bottoms with high waists. Just opposite to what we had last season (leggings and tights).

All the above mentioned blouses and tops looks great on these pants.

It’s the same story with accessories. Friendship bands are back...yayy!!!!!.We can wear them now not being in teens :) But I see a change in the style of wearing them.

Piling them with bunch of random bracelets in different colors and metal bracelets is the way to go now. Overall that gives an amazing look.

They look great with any outfit either with office wear or casual wear as it doesn’t look overdone.(I did wear them to work and they looked fab).

Boots,Boots, Boots with sturdy heels is the style.Its pretty much same style for shoes every fall as it starts being cold.What else could make us feel comfy other than boots.

Here are some styles in fall  collected from different Magazines to give you a better idea.  Will also provide links below for reference.

What do you guys think? Are you loving these styles? Have you observed anything different?
Let me know about  your purchases too :).

Hope this post helps next time when you hit stores!!

My next Post will be my Haul...Yay!!! Until then Sayonara :)
 Have a Nice Day!



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