Sunday, September 18, 2011

CVS Nail Polish Haul

Hi Beautee's,
How are you guys?

I went to CVS yesterday and had a mini haul thought I will make a quick post of it!!!!
It is all about nails!!

Sally Hansen Nail art pens and some Sally Hansen Nail polishes.

My take on them:

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen: If I have to say in one phrase, its complete WASTE Of Money.
Seriously color from these pens either doesn't come out well or will have a leakage.
They really look cute and that is the reason I picked them up but they suck big time.

rest of the colors, i will swatch them very soon. InstaDri line from sally hansen is wonderful.Have lots of variety of colors to choose from :) and they seriously dry out quickly than any other nail polish.

Unfortunately Yellow did not turn out well on my nails, little runny but that color didnt suit my skintone,sob! sob!!
but both blues looked wonderful and I'm gonna rock those!!

Only problem I have with them is brush.You have to really be careful with the application as the brush is tad bit big, may be for my short nails, but it is...

Overall I'm going to purchase more of InstaDri in future looking at the wider range collection they have. But a BIG No for nail art pens.

thats all  for now, Have a nice day girlies!!!

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