Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wish List!!!

Hello Everyone!!
It’s that time of the year, festive season, celebrations, holidays, good food, and of course our favorite shopping timeeee......

After seeing Indianbeauties's post on 'Christmas wishlist', I thought of doing mine too.
I bought very few for Thanksgiving as I was traveling and was spending time with family.

1. Good Pair of Jeans: 
Would like to buy a good pair of Jeans. believe it or not, I don’t have a proper fitting jeans till now. tried different brands and I always have some issues with everything.
This time after thorough research I would like to try from one of these brands.
- True Religion
- J brand
- Rock and Republic.
2. Wallet:
My Wallet sucks big time and I feel like hiding under table every time I take it out from my bag.

 Still searching for a good wallet, just a regular one nothing like fancy(loved Balenciaga wallets). Let me know what you guys carry or like, I will check it out. I’m totally confused after seeing so many online.

3. Mac Makeup:
This has been long due and my Mac shopping has been procrastinated from long time.

My list goes like this:
- Paint pots - I have watched lots of you tube videos on paint pots and really liked them. Never tried, should get my hands on….

 - Orange Corrector - You know what I'm talking about, yes I have terrible dark circles. Need lots of weapons to cover those.

- Brushes - I absolutely don’t have any brushes with me except Mac eye shadow brush. I want to get Mac 187 stippling brush. Lot of youtubers raved about it.

- Lippies - How can a makeup haul end without having lip products.

 I need more than this but let me stop here :)

4. Boots:
 As its winter, I'm looking for a pair of nice boots and this would be my first boots ever...totally excited!! Been to DSW (my fav shoe place) this weekend but ended up buying something else.

So this is my list, Let’s see how kind Santa is with me this time :)

On the other note have you guys listen to 'Ladies vs Ricky Bahl' - Thug le song? Its awesome!!

Please do share your list too....


Indian Beauty said...

wow..really like your wish list..especially Belenciaga Wallet ;)

Aurkeed said...

Thanks for stopping by Snig! I wish both of our wishes come!!

Srividya Balaji said...

Did u get ur wish list yet? I actually got good fitting jeans from newyork and company. U cud try them they r definitely cheaper than J brand and others but not as cheap as old navy, forever 21 etc.

Ani said...

@Srividya: Not everything but I got Mac Makeup and boots.

Still looking for good jeans :) I tried NYC Srividya and they dont fit very well, may be the model that I got was different, will try that store again.

Thanks for stopping by :)